We are looking for the face of the moon that cannot be seen

Ubis Design Network

We are not a simple creative studio but a workgroup formed by professionals from the design, graphic, multimedia and marketing sectors, who share a space and a brand, connecting experiences and competences. This is a different formula, that allows to offer the best know-how for every type of activity and to respond rapidly to the different needs both of clients and of the market, always following the project firsthand.

In Ubis, like in an ecosystem, the professionals are connected by an organizational pattern and a network of connections that allow them to move like one whole creative enterprise.

The different souls that compose our structure and the vast productive and cultural world for which we work, create a blend that enriches us, our projects and our clients.


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The best ideas do not come from reason but from a lucid, visionary folly

The Network

Every one of us has fulfilled his dream, his company and shares it in one common project.

Luca Facchini


He lives with a pencil in his hand and a music in his head. He listens, everyone. He looks, even where he shouldn’t. He designs -everywhere- spaces, objects, blending family tradition, experience, creativity, intelligence, friendships and thirst… for life.

Federico Dei Rossi


Visual designer. He uses images, works, materials and monastic dedication to express thoughts, answer questions, solve problems. If he is not behind his computer, he’s hidden by a book or a moleskine. But if you search for him, he’s always there.

Nicola Facchini


Photographer, graphic designer. For us, the Archimedes of web, hardware and softwares. He creates his world like he does with his Legos, building it with the instructions book.


Sergio Pingenti


From his two meters high, he looks to the web and sees far. He innovates, projects and manages websites and desktop and mobile applications. A pure Venetian with Teutonic inflections. Creativity and precision.


Marco Morbiato


A multimedia designer who never loses occasion to experiment with new technologies. Always. Even when he climbs, sails or goes to a concert. An unlimited energy dosed with politeness.

Valentina Maccatrozzo


She smiles, even when she’s serious, maybe because Archicad decided to challenge her. She has a unique instinct for innovations and unexpected solutions. Inevitably patient and available. Irreplaceable.

Silvia Zanella


Manager, Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant, founder of Blue Butterfly, an agency of corporate and private events. Stubborn, altruist, empathic, creative, she operates driven always by passion and ethic, with competence and sensibility.


Paul Spadetto


A graphic composer. He translates thoughts and words into signs, graphic characters and images, making the pages vibrate with sounds. He studied, travelled, worked and has been awarded for his graphic, transforming it into more than a simple profession, to a way of life. He teaches to kids and works with us.

Cristiano Pinzan


A graphic, a photographer, an underground alchemist. He builds with his computer. He builds with images. An urban hermit who kneads softwares and takes out creativity, for himself, his exhibitions, his clients… and us.

Sarah Mazzoleni


A music diploma, a bachelor in philosophy and a master in cultural management tell only a small part. The elegance, the discretion, the curiosity and the sharp intelligence complete the work. Luckily she is all for us.