Multimedia & Interactive Design

Transforming a space in an experience, creating emotions through technology

We employ the most advanced multimedia technologies to expand the narrative of a product, a space or a concept.

Beyond the simple show, we design to provide an augmented experience that can be memorable, interesting, fun and accessible, both real and virtual, off-line and on-line.

Creativity and concreteness, research and development are our constant reference point.

What we do

Interactive design   |   3D models   |   Video animation   |   Augmented reality   |   Virtual reality   |   Motion graphics   |   Web design   |   Web strategy   |   Social media marketing

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Interactive design

Every content can be made more complete, interesting, thorough or fun with interactive instruments. The consumers can interact accessing additional multimedia informations or adding their own contents. We project the graphic interface and develop the contents, we study and provide the technology more suitable for every application.

Virtual reality

The virtual reality simulates the actual reality allowing to navigate in photorealistic settings in real time, interacting with the objects presents in them. A completely immersive system in which every sense can be involved. The VR can be employed with normal screens or viewers, combined with gloves with sensors or joysticks, both on-line and off-line.

Augmented reality

The augmented reality enriches the human sensorial perception through additional informations included in a real environment. Through tablets or smartphones it is possible to visualize the surrounding environment with inside of it objects, people, graphics, texts or virtual animations. This way, the user has access to additional informations or can contextualize elements not present in the real environment.

Video animation

The video animation is able to make objects dynamic or environments virtual, built with 3D modeling. This way, it is possible to recreate elements that don’t exist in the real world (disappeared cities, archeological finds or products not yet developed) and to animate them to allow a knowledge that is better, increased, stimulating and infinitely updatable.


In addition to the normal screens or videowalls, the projection can be expanded to surfaces where it is possible to reproduce videos, introducing also unusual shapes. The techniques applied to videoprojection are several: throughout the use of sensors of movement, the users can interact with the projection. With morphing it is possible to represent the transformation from one element to another. The parallax effect gives depth even to a two-dimensional image. The interaction with real elements expands the perception of the environment and of the objects.


The holographic projection is a communication system that allows to recreate objects, contexts and characters of every dimension with a realistic visual output. The holograms can also interact with real elements, creating an exchange of great emotional impact. It Is possible to realize holographic projections in small, medium or big display cases, which can be single or connected in a series. It is also possible to create holograms of the dimension of a stage with people or objects of every scale.

3D models

3D modeling allows to rebuild every object or environment in a photorealistic way. The applications are various and allow to multiply the points of view, animate and insert contents, access to elements that are generally not available, modify and replicate. It is used both in the planning phase of industrial and interior design and in every other communication field.

3D scan

Having a virtual model starting from a real object allows to have a communication, study and filing tool of great importance. We can realize 3D scanning originating from tiny objects to large ones. This way, the prototype can become the definitive project, the artwork can be preserved and described virtually and every element can be replicated with 3D printing.

Virtual tour

Thanks to 360° high resolution shooting and to virtual navigation it is possible to access an environment and visit it as if you were there. The virtual tour is accessible from every device or visor, both via web and on site. It can be enriched of textual contents, images and videos, to deepen the knowledge and make it even more interactive. Companies, show rooms, stands, museums, exhibitions, apartments, shops… every environment can be known and promoted throughout a virtual tour.

Esempio di tour virtuale “Prima dell’alfabeto”
Esempio di tour virtuale “Il mondo che non c’era”