The artwork is not only the object but also what surrounds it, the spaces and the voids

FormaUbis is the department created for the Exhibition & Museum Design sector.

Our experience and the variety of competences allow us to develop complex projects that range from the exhibition path to the managing of the setting up, but also to the design of spaces and communication. The curator and the promoter take part in the process through a virtual navigation of the set up with the arrangement of every single artwork and graphic. Through prototypes, material tests, colors and multimedia simulations, every aspect is shared and verified. Also the set up is preceded by a detailed gantt in which every work flow is considered hour by hour.

An approach that focuses on the work and those who benefit from it, balancing function and aesthetics, science and communication.

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What we do


Evaluation and analysis of the exhibition space BIM Architectural restitution Documentary research Definition of the contents Definition of the purposes Study of the exhibition itinerary 3D return of the exhibition path


Design of the exhibiting elements of the artworks Design of the exhibiting elements for the communication Design of scenographic elements Prototyping and tests of materials and colors Simulation of the visit through virtual reality


Set up of the artworks in the exhibition
Design of the didactic apparatus
Design of the static communication
Design of the multimedia communication
Design of the promotional communication


Suppliers’ analysis
Costs’ analysis
Work planning and logistics
Coordination and construction management on site

Our projects